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January 22nd, 2007

11:24 pm
I hate rats. Sometimes I wonder why do we bother with all that wonderful and idiotic security if in the end we still need to smoke out the rats. ... Mind you, I am not complaining; at least this is a kind of job I enjoy doing and I am among the best. XD

Private to Daatu

I need a partner in crime in next week. Your shedule said you're free but I wanted to ask if you want to? We need to gather some information from an idiot and I wondered if you wanted to play badcop-goodcop with me. ^_^

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November 28th, 2006

05:04 pm - the bane of my existence: paperwork
Open to all

I hate paperwork. Should just make a big pile and drop a match on it... Would result in some really pretty flames ^__^

I need a new set of coordinates so I can point out things which are more important to do than scribblin'. ...

Locked to Daatu

Daatu, dearest, could ya come over here 'n help me with these files? Please? I'll buy ya lunch?

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November 10th, 2006

01:15 am - Work~
OOC: because Reno doesn't care: Open to all

So, the Prez decided to go out for lunch; and he was nice enough to inform us almost 13 hours beforehand. Somebody should share with him that midnight is a bit late... So I was stuck working overtime like whoa. I had to fuckin' check the damn restaurant at the wee hours of dawn because if he gets blown up nobody would sign my paychecks... And Tseng would kill me, probably very slowly

There are good sides of the job, I'm the first to admit. If I had more than two hours of sleep I'd not even bitch. This much. ^_^; And yeah, I know. It was time for him to get out of the office for a bit of fun, even if this is just a lunch with a Turk...
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October 9th, 2006

08:34 pm - Party
Blond hair, blue eyes... I could be lost in your eyesCollapse )
Open to all

Party invitation

At the next weekend I'd like to hold a party. If you're reading this you're invited.
Beer will be provided -- if you want somethin' else, bring it with yourself.
The music and the porn will be chosen by me -- again, if you want somethin' else, bring it.

So important infos:

Location: My current place. (Esper, Meteor City, Grasshopper Street 58, flat D)
Date: From next Friday nine o'clock (p.m.) to Sunday noon.

* If you're coming, leave a comment.

* Fighting inside the flat is forbidden to everybody excluding the TURKs -- but you can always drag out your archenemy to the streets and hope that the guards don't catch you. XD
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August 22nd, 2006

12:19 am - Blah #1
Nothing intersting happened so far.
Got bored. Next time I go into the jungle I'll bring my paints with myself.


Why are there huge - big, motherfuckinghuge! - spiders in my room? Got this one killed but I'm not amused. Although not that bored right now. ...
Current Mood: bitchybitchy

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