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Reno of the TURKs

Fast, Red, and Lethal

Reno is copyrighted to Square-ENIX. This is a roleplaying journal for the 3citiesrp. Mun can be reached at the kira_k LJ.


Character’s name: Reno Ferrari
Gender: male
Affiliation: TURKs
Age: 24
Appearing Age: a bit younger

Birthday: 2 Dec
Place of birth: Gaia
Sexual Preference: Anyone and anything that happens to catch his fancy. XD
Marital Status: Single
Eye Color: blue, and a bit glowing from the Mako.
Hair Color: Natural red.
Skin Tone: pale
Height: 177 cm
Build: slender but muscled, wired

History/Timeline: When he became adult (14) he bought a ticket to the Esper, fleeting from the overpopulated Gaia where his parents remained. They are still alive and in good health. Because he lacked the will to be a simple worker he became a part of a gang. He stole and robbed people for almost a year when he chose a wrong victim, a TURK. Tseng was impressed by the young redhead's ability to stand up even after the beating he got and made an offer to the Reno who didn't refuse. A year later he was finished with training and his loyalty was firmly in place. After many successful missions his usual job became the discovery of ruins; where he is to search for Cetran artifacts and hinder the Organization XIII's team.

Personality: Easy-going, friendly, can bash anyone's head without batting an eyelash, fiercely loyal to the TURKs and Rufus, talks too much, annoying sometimes.

He enjoys the life to its fullest and without regrets. He loves to get attention and becomes easily annoyed if it's denied. He seems to accept pain as a natural part of life, and sometimes the pain is there to show you're alive -- however, he isn't a masochist. He enjoys rougher sex and as long as nothing is broken on his part, a good fight as well.

Identifying Marks: red tattoos next to his eyes above old wounds; his lightly glowing eyes
Clothing Preferences: loose clothes, as informal as he can get away with, hates ties,
Profession: TURK, field officer
Weapon of Choice: EMR (Elektromagrod) - the charge is usually closer to kill than stun.
Things: His googles, his pillow (which was once a stuffed mog)
Food: Beer, junk-food (hamburgers, pizza),
Drink: Beer. Mako-shake XD
Color: Gold, brown, red, black, white,
Likes: People, talking, beer, sex, attention,
Dislikes: Being ignored, stronger people (usually), and hates those who hurt his fellow TURKs or Rufus.
Talents: Agile; fast; high endurance and willpower; the ability to not take things too seriously thus enjoy life;
Weaknesses: Low attention-span, doesn't take even important things seriously (There are few people whom he listens to and from them one warning is usually enough). Can deny even the simplest things if they clash with his world-view.
Pre-Existing Relationships:
Parents - still living on Gaia. They get part of Reno's pay to let them have a moderately good life.
Rude - Reno's best friend, his usual partner and the one who keeps up with Reno's drinking
Tseng - The one who was the 'victim' and brought Reno into the TURKs. Reno respects him.
Other TURKs and Rufus - Reno thinks at them as friends and family.
Demyx - he likes to annoy him and is friendly to the young man, trying to buy him a beer whenever the ShinRa Inc. managed to arrive sooner to one of the ruins as a kind of consolation price.

Special Abilities: Thanks to the light mako injections his endurance, speed, and strength is higher than average.

Seiyuu/Voice: Keiji Fujiwara
Songs Character Resonates To: Born to be Alive;